Thursday, April 23, 2009

New Moon official casting list!!

the New Moon casting list for the volturri and the quileute tribe is finally here!!!!

the Volturri:

Jane- Dakota Fanning

Alec- Cameron Bright

Heidi- Noot Seear

Caius-Jamie Campell Bower

Demetri- Charlie Bewley

Felix- Daneil Cudmore


the Quileute tribe:

Quil - Tyson Houseman

Embry - Kiowa Gordon

Emily - Tinsel Korey

?? - Chaske Spencer

?? - Alex Meraz

??- Bronson Pelletier

i cant wait for new moon to hit theaters on november 20!!! (so far away...)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Taylor is Working Hard!

We are very excited that Tayor Lautner is going to be playing Jacob in New Moon. He has been working really hard to build muscle and we know so far he has put on 26 pounds of muscle. He is doing a great job!